Ross Gerber Tints Windows Black On $100k Tesla In Support Of BLM


PACIFIC PALISADES – In a show of amazing altruism, Ross Gerber, best known for being a virtue-signaling sissy, announced today that in support of Blacks Lives Matter, he has tinted the windows of his $100,000 Tesla black. This comes on the heels of Ross showing great sensitivity on Juneteenth Day by serving his lily-white employees a catered lunch of authentically racist BBQ.

Lunch by David Duke Catering

When reached for comment, Ross Gerber stated, “Tinting my Tesla windows black provides me a way to show that Black Lives Matter without actually doing anything that actually matters – like hiring a minority to a management position in my firm. I was going to put a BLM sticker on the bumper, but there’s already so many stickers on there for LGBTQ+LMNOP, ESG, Climate Change, COEXIST, Hillary 2008, Obama 2012, Hillary 2016, Biden 2020, Space-X, and Tesla, I can barely see out the back window.”

Ross continued, “One thing I learned while earning my Communications degree is that saying things is a much more effective tool for change than actions. Actions are for people that don’t mind getting a callous or two on their hands. Look at these baby soft palms. You think these have ever seen a day of real work in their life? For crying out loud, I don’t even know how to put washer fluid in my Tesla!”

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