side hustles
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Side hustles are a great way to put a little bit of extra income into your pocket.  But what if you could become a millionaire with a side hustle?  Well here is your chance.  Here are 10 different side hustles that could actually make you a millionaire.

Day Trading Dirty Panties On eBay

One of the most lucrative side hustles known to man is day trading dirty panties on eBay.  This is a high margin SaaS business with recurring revenue.  It is also fairly simple.  After you wear a pair of panties for the day list it on eBay and sell it.  Dirty panties go for a fortune on eBay.  I’ve sold multiple pairs in the hundreds.  And the ones with racer stripes can be sold in the four figure range.

Hosting A Chicken Fight

A really creative side hustle that can make you lots of money, but also bring a sense of community is hosting a chicken fight.  Chicken fights are fun.  Not only will participants spend months training their chickens to become the next Rocky Balboa, but they will pay you big bucks to let their chicken fight in your arena.  The only thing you need when you host a chicken fight is a garage or a basement.  Oh, you’ll also want to pay off some cops to turn their heads.  Chicken fights are illegal for some reason.

Craigslist Casual Encounters

I’ve made a fortune off Craigslist Casual Encounters and you can too!  But before you start you need to find your niche.  Are you a desperate man looking for a companion?  Or are you a lonely grandmother who just needs a foot massage?  My niche was dressing up as a woman.  When I met with my casual encounter I’d steal their wallet and push them into oncoming traffic.  I cleared $1.5 million doing this for a month.

Rob A Bank

I think this is pretty self explanatory.

Launch An Electric Vehicle Company

You don’t even need a product for this.  Just draw a picture of a car with Microsoft Paint and viola, billions.  Nikola Corporation did this and their CEO is now rich.  What is stopping you?

Sell Sewage You Find In The Street As Organic Face Cream

Rich white women will pay an arm and a leg for anything that will get rid of their wrinkles.  My favorite way to exploit rich white women is by going out to a sewer after a storm and getting a few bucks of sewage.  Then steal a few mason jars from Walmart and put a sticky note on the jar that says “organic”.  Once you have your product stand outside of a Whole Foods and hustle these.  I’ve found charging $59.99 per jar is a great price point to maximize sales.

Sell Fried Chicken Skins To A Camp For Overweight Kids

Step one: get a job as a fry cook at KFC.

Step Two: steal chicken skins from the KFC and sell them to overweight kids at a fat camp.

Step Three: Profit

Buying Put Options On Failing American Cities

If you want to make big money with a side hustle I’d suggest buying some put options on failing American Cities.  I currently hold put options on Seattle, Chicago and Portland.  In the past I bought a massive amount of put options on Detroit and absolutely killed it.

Steal A Farmers Cow And Sell It To His Neighbor

Farmers are dumb.  A great way to take advantage of their stupidity is to steal a farmer’s cow then sell it to their neighbor.  Then steal it from the guy you just sold it to and sell it back.  You can repeat this cycle indefinitely.  I have this scam running on about 14 different farmers right now.  This is a subscription business at its finest.

Steal Chicken Wings From The Golden Corral And Sell Them To Snake Breeders

The Golden Corral is the most amazing restaurant in existence.  No, it’s not because you can stuff your face with whatever you want.  It’s because you can steal their food and sell resell it on the black market.  I personally like stealing chicken wings from the Golden Corral and resell it to snake breeders.  If you want to start hustling food at the Golden Corral get some sized 68 inch pants and sew plastic bags on the side of them.  Once this is done you are good as gold.  Just head into the Golden Corral and begin hoarding food down your pants.