Hunter Biden Sex Tape
Gateway Pundit, Screenshot

Last night the Hunter Biden sex tape was leaked on Chinese site GTV Media, which is ironically controlled by Steve Bannon.  The individual responsible for the leaked footage was Lude (Wang DingGang), the founder of Lude Media and known whistle blower on the Chinese Communist Party.

Lude was almost immediately suspended from Twitter when the footage was leaked, but took to Parler, a free speech social media site where he gained over 38,000 followers overnight.  Lude also posted the following, disturbing, message to Parler:

“There will more and more than 10000 pictures coming. There will be more and more videos coming!”

With the Presidential election only 10 days away, it appears as if the bombshell Biden footage has yet to be released.  If there really is over 10,000 images and videos out there I suspect Lude is holding the “atom bomb” video for a specific time.  In fact, I would bet more and more footage will be released over the coming days with the “nuke” coming out election night.

Despite big tech trying to suppress the “foot job” video last night, thousands of accounts took it upon themselves to get the information across to the public.  But as with any conspiracy, other “images” were leaked in attempt to spin the narrative.  For an example, someone leaked an image of Malia Obama’s credit card in what looks to be next to illicit drugs, claiming it was on Hunter’s laptop.

In our opinion the worst is yet to come.  The Biden presidency seems to have gotten bombed from comprising videos and there is still an Atomic Bomb left to drop.  However, as Zero Hedge stated last night in their recent article Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend, the disparity between Hunter Biden and Giuliani is ever apparent:

Others simply noted the disparity in treatment between the Hunter Biden story and the “Borat” revelations about Giuliani, and wondered aloud how Twitter might be handling this if those photos were of Donald Trump Jr., not Hunter Biden. Of course, twitter didn’t simply ignore the Giuliani photo; the news became one of the top trending topics (thanks to the fact that Twitter’s user-base skews toward young leftists). – Zero Hedge