AMC $100,000

A thirteen year old investor on Tik Tok went viral after making a wild claim that AMC, the hottest meme stock of the week, can go to over $100,000 a share. Seeming to not understand the basics of market capitalization this young investor was taken aback when the comments tried to explain to him that this price evaluation is almost certainly impossible.

An anonymous hedge fund analyst offered to do a one on one interview with him to try to explain why AMC cannot go to $100,000 a share. When the interview was streamed live on the young investor’s TikTok it quickly turned into a dumpster fire. After the unnamed analyst who was wearing a mask to protect his identity calmly explained that in order for AMC to go to a $100,000 a share it would have to be the largest corporation to ever exist, the young thirteen year old investor started screaming and crying calling the analyst a “gay short”, “pussy hedge fund guy” and “morally bankrupt skank”.

The livestream was then cut off and the young investor’s parents took control of his TikTok issuing an apology to the analyst they had on. It seems at the time of the interview the young investor actually only had one share of AMC that his Dad agreed to buy for him.