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15 reasons why we should tax the poor


Fifteen reasons why we should tax the poor. There are hundreds of reasons but these are the best.

  1. Poor people are already poor to begin with. It doesn’t matter if we tax them. We can take as much money as we want from them and they won’t care. They won’t even know their tax rate increased because they are already poor.
  2. Poor people don’t know what a marginal tax rate is. We can increase the marginal tax rate of poor people because they have no idea what a marginal tax rate even is. I think a marginal tax rate on poor people of 1,000% is reasonable.
  3. We need to protect the “Hero Billionaires”. The Hero Billionaires are what make America great – not poor people. Hero Billionaires like Martin Shkreli are good people. Hero Billionaires make the world go around. We need to tax poor people so we can save Hero Billionaires and their money. Tax the poor!
  4. The Walton family is some of the most kind and generous folks I know. They give poor people jobs! We need to tax the poor people so the Walton’s can enjoy more tax cuts. We need to preserve the Walton’s wealth!
  5. If we tax poor people, they will be incentivized to work harder. Poor people are poor because they don’t work hard. If we tax poor people, they will realize they are getting taxed because they are poor and will try their hardest to not be poor. This will ultimately create more rich people. Rich = good.
  6. Poor people have student debt. Politicians (bad guys) are trying to cancel student debt. How about we just tax poor people?
  7. I like to go to carnivals and stare at poor people. Carnivals = poor people breeding grounds. If we tax the poor the carnivals will get even more crazy. Who doesn’t like carnivals?
  8. Instead of taxing the rich we can just tax the poor. This will solve two problems. One, it will make the rich richer. Two, it will make the poor poorer. This will solve almost every problem in the world.
  9. If we tax the poor we can come out with cool slogans like “Tax the Poor” and post it all over social media. I am tired of seeing people post “Tax the billionaires”. It is time we protect our greatest asset (the hero billionaires) and tax the poor.
  10. Poor people are like cogs in a machine. They are just a commodity that we (the hero billionaires) use to get richer. Why should we tax us (the hero billionaires) when we can just tax the cogs and commodities of civilization (the poor)?
  11. Massive tax breaks! Doesn’t that sound great? If we tax the poor us hero billionaires can enjoy massive tax breaks at the expensive of single mothers.
  12. If we tax the rich, it’s possible we level the playing field and make everyone the same. We don’t want more poor people! We want more rich people. Tax the poor!
  13. Senior citizens who live on $13,000 per year won’t even notice if we cut their wages by half and give it back to the rich.
  14. If we tax the poor, we can use the money to bail out companies that go bankrupt. We need to save our companies that go bankrupt! This is the backbone of American. Not poor people!
  15. “No one makes a billion dollars; you take a billion dollars” – AOC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is correct in her statement. We need to take our money back from the poor! It is time we standup and revolt!

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