To late to join the party? 100% in support of Donald Trump!

Trump. He blows me away. Blows me like a Russian whore. Blows me like Stormy Daniels taking ten dicks in a 70s gang bang. His balls are big. Big like Randy Marsh’s balls when he tried to get on medical weed. Nothing can stop the man. Unstoppable. He can blow through a Panzer tank. I’ve never been Patriotic in my entire life. Trump has made me the most Patriotic American there could ever be. He lowered taxes. Denuclearized North Korea. Created jobs. Drained the fucking swap. Pissed off abuncha losers. Days without winning have been zero. Called out fake news clickbait liberal sites. The man is giving the establishment pure hell. If Donald Trump wins the next election, President for the next four years, the liberal movement will throw bottles of piss and swing dildos above their heads like transvestite cavemen. The Trump Train is Yuge. Get on board. We can’t stop winning folks. Current speed of the Trump Train is 344,948,751,264,000 MPH. Fucking right mate.


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