Meet the Liberal Cucks who refuse to celebrate Independence Day

LiberalThe disorder is characterized as an overwhelming desire to be noticed and willingness to engage in any attention-seeking on non-conformist behavior to the betterment of their agenda. They are never wrong, have a disdain for any capitalism or any facts that go against their ideology. They are hateful hypocritical and have an unwarranted need to be against almost anything and anyone who does not fall exactly in line with their warped view of the world that only they feel is the “the way things should be”. They lie, deceive and make up and exaggerate facts all in accordance to their agendaSource

Over the mid-week holiday weekend, I drank 29 bud light tallboys, stuffed my face with 53 hotdogs, and shot many different types of guns in the sky chanting – U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!

It was a glorious day. My family and I reminisced over past Fourth of July holiday’s as we watched the fireworks shoot off in the sky. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. Fourth of July, 1996 – when the Aliens from outer space tried to take over our great planet but we blew those fuckers to smithereens!

Then, when Mama (me), went to the bathroom, I saw on the local Television (I like to call it the “BoobTube”), a group of Liberal Cucks who refuse to celebrate the Fourth of July – those commie bastards.

According to the ‘Liberal Cucks’, celebrating Independence Day is racist. They further state that the day is the celebration of white privilege that should be banned. They want to shut the entire celebration of Independence Day down – forever. Fuckin’ commie scum.

I say let them try. Those pussy cuck soyboi’s ain’t got shit on us Freedom Fighters. We saw a few days ago how the Proud Boys took those mama loving, commie fuckin’ soyboi’s right out.

In the meantime, when the Antifa, Liberal Cuck’s, plan their next move in their mom’s basement, let’s continue to cheer the chant that burns their ears; U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!

– Mama

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