The Federal Reserve is a Terrorist

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The average individual in the US has been spoofed into believing they are in danger of “terrorists”. The mainstream media gloats and spreads the fear of terrorism easily though the masses. It’s quite simple if you think about it. To create an enemy you need fear. To spread fear you need the media. And to brainwash the citizens you need an agenda. With that said, the global spread of “terrorism” through the mainstream media is a scare tactic for the agenda of sterilizing the citizens.

What the mainstream media fails to report is that the most destructive terrorist resides behind the United States boarders. And guess what? No wall will stop this terrorist from further destruction.

The terrorist I am referring to is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not your typical terrorist. They will not suicide bomb your house. They will not fly planes into skyscrapers. They even won’t chase you down with machetes and chop you to bits. What they will do is destroy your wealth. They will destroy everything you have built. They will take the United States and send it into the ground burning like a pile of shit. The Federal Reserve is an economic suicide bomber – no more, no less.

In the eyes of the layman, the Federal Reserve operates out of the key notion that they will preserve the US economy at all costs. The US economy is their baby, their cache and their darling they would do anything to protect. It’s quite comical how the Fed maintains this illusion. We are all duped. Nowhere in a university setting or secondary school are we taught the actual wrongdoings the Fed’s have done.

Over the course of next week I will elaborate upon the way the Federal Reserve has sabotaged the economy. What they have done to the economy, the people and this great country is unreal. It is pure terrorism. But what do I know? I am just a seasoned serial killer without a PHD in economics.

Here’s my agenda over the coming week:

  1. Since the Federal Reserve’s inception, the dollar has lost over 98% of its buying power.
  2. The Federal Reserve has made it almost impossible for a one-wage earner to support a family.
  3. The 2008 crash was instigated by the Federal Reserve through poor lending standards and artificially low interest rates.
  4. Fiat currencies are become more worthless everyday thanks to the Fed. Soon there will be a world currency – dominating traditional fiats.
  5. The Federal Reserve is a weapon of mass destruction. It is not here to save the economy. It is not here to target interest rates. It is here to create a world economy controlled by the global elite.

As citizens we need to rise up and face the monster. We need to get educated on the wrongdoings the Federal Reserve has done. The economic establishment will crumble under the current system. But maybe it’s best to let the motherfucker burn. Sometimes, the best way to start over is from the ashes up.


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