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Man shocked to find spiders scratching inside his ears

Dayton, Ohio – It all started with vertigo and sickness to the stomach. A man – to protect his privacy will not be named – called into work due to dizziness, feeling lightheaded, sickness to his stomach and extreme ringing in his ears.

The man slept throughout the day, hoping to cure his feeling of unwellness. When awakened by his partner, the pain was more than he could bare.

At the hospital doctors found spiders inside of his ears – not one but a whole nest of them. Six spiders in total. The vertigo and dizziness were instantly cured. That is once all of the spider legs were carefully removed from his ear.


Source: Baby Spiders

Bugs crawling into your ears is more common than you would think. A woman named Holly had a cockroach in here ear. And for those who didn’t know, cockroaches are prone to get wedged in the ear and scratch the eardrum with their front legs.

People can usually go for days with a bug in their ear without knowing it. “It feels like water,” a woman from Kansas City stated. That woman had a brown recluse in her ear – one of the most poisonous spiders in the United States.

A few other creepy crawly bugs that have been found in the ears of unsuspecting victims are fruit fly larvae, a moth and tick, maggots, a three-inch cricket and a bedbug.

The next time you feel like there is water in your ears or you feel like there is an itch you can’t scratch with your q-tip, think twice about ignoring it. You may never know, there could be a black widow in your ear.

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