Florida Man

Florida Man looking for woman to eat (Craigslist)

This is a crazy one folks (and actually real). We found this surfing Craigslist in Miami, Florida. Here is a screenshot of the posting. And here is the link.

The Florida Canniable

We wrote out the entire posting below for you to read. What the fuck Florida!


I am in search of a man or woman (preferably a woman) that I can eat.

I am mainly looking for a person in their prime. Not to young and not to old. Age 25-35 range preferred. You must not be too fat or too skinny. Some body fat is ok because you will taste much more rich to the tongue. Also, if you decide that you want to be eaten you must be open to letting me bathe you before I cook you (you will be bathed alive). Many patrons in the past have enjoyed me bathing them saying how soft and warm my hands are.

No body parts will be wasted. I use everything. As an example, from past patrons, I still have their skulls and drink red wine from them regularly. If you want me to, I can also send a sample of your cooked buttocks to your family if they want to eat you. Or if you don’t like your family, I would be happy to send pictures of your butchered body – the shock factor will be glorifying.

Please respond soon as I am hungry. I have been living off of alley cats and stray dogs and their meat is not as tasty as a human. Looking to cook tonight.


The Florida Cannibal

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