Kyle Bass Chinese, Great Wall, China

CHINA – 2020 just got weirder.  23andMe the DNA and genetics testing company, just revealed that Kyle Bass founder of Hayman Capital Management, is 15.1% Chinese.

Kyle Bass, 50, founded Hayman Capital Management in 2005.  In 2007 Hayman returned 212% betting against the subprime markets.  Since 2007, the fund has had dismal performance which some say is due to Bass’ fascination and fetish with ‘China’.

Mr. Bass, otherwise known as ‘China Man’ is a notorious critic of the Communist Party of China and it’s policies.  Bass has been dragged off national television several times for going on incomprehensible rants about China – where Bass repeats the words, “I don’t know how yet, but China is behind it.

Some say Bass’ hate for China stems from the fact that his wife left him for a Chinese man.  But others say there is a deeper reason for Bass’ hate against the republic of China.

And then 23andMe dropped the bombshell.  According to 23andMe, Kyle Bass is 15.1% Chinese.

“Everything is beginning to make sense,” Courtney Young, Clinical Psychologist stated.  “You see this all of the time in anti-homosexual conservative politicians who spend their entire careers lambasting the gay community, only to be exposed later as homosexuals themselves.  Usually the starches critics of an ideology have part of that ideology in them.”

Despite the bombshell news, Bass was not phased.  In fact, it appears Bass is even more determined to take down the country his roots come from.  Since the news on 23andMe was released, Bass has tweeted 1,175 times about how China bad, U.S.A good.