Canada Sucks
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  1. Canada Sucks
  2. The country is called Canada.
  3. The typical Canadian smells like moose turds – yuck!
  4. Canadians fart in each others mouths.
  5. The flag is literally a leaf! What a joke.
  6. Third world countries like Canada are literally gross.
  7. Their stock market has had worse returns than Enron.
  8. 99% of Canada doesn’t have running water.
  9. Half the country speaks French (gross).
  10. The country uses Sedar which is literally the oldest site on the internet.
  11. Justin Trudeau has been caught wanking at least five times in Bed Bath & Beyond.
  12. Canada enslaves penguins and uses them for manual labor.
  13. Vancouver.
  14. Canadian females smell like snow.
  15. The slogan of Canada is “eh”.
  16. Canadians let the tribes push them around – can’t even get a stupid pipeline built!
  17. If you say Canada really slow it sounds like stupid idiot.
  18. Violent J, from the Insane Clown Posse, has higher IQ than all of Canada.
  19. The Venture Exchange is filled with mining frauds and dumb penny stocks.
  20. Canada Day is dumb.
  21. Males in Canada have to use Viagra to mate.
  22. Canada started World War 2.
  23. Every serial killer to ever exist was born in Canada.
  24. Their healthcare system is horrendous.
  25. Every company that goes public in Canada eventually goes bankrupt.
  26. 90% of Canada’s GDP comes from the adult film industry.
  27. You have to wear a gas mask in Canada. If you don’t you will get HIV.
  28. If you spell Canada backwards it spells Sucker.
  29. All Canadians are soft and chubby.
  30. If you drink the water in Canada you will die (Canada Sucks).
  31. Average IQ of a Canadian is negative 69.
  32. Canadians last 3 seconds in bed.
  33. No one even knows where Canada is if you pull out a map.
  34. Canadians will sniff your butt when they meet you like a dog.


  1. Over 20 years living in Canada as a friendly easy going guy who want to make friends. Nothing but negative experience. Canadians are weak A***oles who bully nice ppl. Until you snap and act like an ***hole then they run and shut down like cowards.

    Canada hates men!
    Canadian women hate men!
    Canada is a dream killer
    Canadians are miserable
    Canada has a Hard on for taxes
    Pity crime in Canada is a huge deal
    White ppl call the c0ps for everyone on each other
    Canadian are extremely judgmental rude, no sense of human
    Canada are rude they stare at each other for no reason
    Canadians are Socially awkward
    Canadians celebrate their own destruction while they trash U.S. (U.S needs to treat Canada same as Iran and lets see what happens to Canada.)
    1 good thing about Canada is the passport, everything else is TRASH!
    Canada is full of weak SIMP (Soyboy) p***sified girly men.
    Getting laid with different hot girls is extremely hard. As a guy you’re lucky to even get laid besides going into a relationship with whatever girl you get laid with.

    Everyday I get up I say thank YOU GOD for not letting me live in Canada. I walk outside I see hot girls I say hi to.. By the same night we’re connecting one way or another.

    In Canada I felt ashamed for having a pe*nis!
    Outside of Canada I am loved.

  2. As someone who has been living in Canada for 18 years I have to say that this website is a fucking joke and 3/4 of the reasons are without valid or fair arguments to prove that Canada sucks. This was most likely made by a 12 years old hater or a 80 years old grandma in her shack that has nothing else better to do than write article about how blabla country sucks. I can’t believe that this shit is on the front fucking page of looking up why canada sucks. Fucking disgrace.

    I have to credit atleast Radio4men for stating accurate facts. Still I could easily find a list of 10-20 reasons for any country to not live in…you guys are not proving anything.

  3. I wish that list weren’t so bang on, but it is, Canadians are hateful trolls who judge their worst off and think they are the best because, well AMERIDUH!!!

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