Dennis Muilenburg, the former chief executive officer of Boeing who purposely cut corners on the 737 MAX which subsequently killed 346 people, has beaten Bernard Madoff, Jeff Skilling, and Jon Corzine to the punch and filed for a new SPAC, the 37 MAX SPAC.

Muilenburg is trying to rebuild his shattered career as he has been living in poverty after only receiving a $60 million exit package after he was ousted from the CEO role at Boeing when his plane murdered 81 more people than died in the September 11th plane crashes.

Reading the S1 Filing, it is clear that Muilenburg will decry the critics with his newfound focus on “space and advanced air mobility” that “will actually fly”. Dick Fuld and Erin Callan have been named as book runners and will be taking off on a national IPO roadshow in their Airbus jet starting in March.

Fuld and Callan were later interviewed and said that they are confident the position will be oversubscribed as they are targeting the 737MAX Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). This exciting development has the attention of Wall Street as interest in the stock has been flying, we just hope that the product does as well.