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Here are the top five reasons to marry a Robinhood Trader.

One: We will dump our life savings into any stock without doing any due diligence. We don’t care if the company is about to get delisted or go bankrupt. We actually prefer bankrupt companies. We aren’t traders, we are tax harvesters. When we get married we should be receiving some sweet tax write-offs!

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Two: We’re probably the most loyal traders out there. We don’t cut losses. We’ll hold OTM weeklies into expiration on a daily basis.

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Three: Patience… we are BY FAR the most patient people in the investing world. This is how long it takes to make a simple trade.

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Four: People approve of us! I can get approved for unlimited margin in seconds!

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Five: You should marry a Robinhood Trader because when you’re down we will pick you up! We will buy any and every dip the market gives us.

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