Save money
Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

Guest Post by Stacy B. Miller

Do you know that I missed my morning prayer and three classes in my school once? I missed out three classes in my school and one exam too. All thanks to my dad. One morning when I woke up from sleep, I looked at the wall clock. It was only midnight. I was overjoyed after looking at the clock and went back to sleep. After a few hours, I woke up and went to school brimming with joy and happiness. Once I reached school, I felt something was odd that day. There was no student in the playground. Everything was so silent.

”Is it a holiday?” I thought to myself. But it couldn’t be. There was an exam in the third period. I went to the school quickly and entered the classroom. Initially, the security guard was not allowing me to enter the classroom. But after pleading for several minutes, he finally took pity on me and allowed me to get into the classroom.

After I entered the classroom, I was shocked to see that all students were submitting their answer sheets to the teacher. My best friend saw me and waved at me. The teacher was aghast. The exam was already over. How was it possible? My best friend informed me that 3 periods were already over, and it was time for the ‘mini’ lunch break.

I couldn’t understand where I went wrong. How could I be so late? I missed my exam and three classes. I have not wasted any time at home. Something was not catching up.

Anyway, after I went back home with a heavy heart after school was over. My sister had a similar story to share. She too had missed a few classes. We went back to our room, and suddenly I looked at the wall clock to see the time. I was not willing to miss my music class at 3 pm. It was still 12 in the wall clock.

Oh! The clock was not working then. Finally, I understood why we were so late that day. So, after dad got back home, I told him to change the battery. Dad was surprised. When I told him that the clock was not working, he was even more surprised.

‘The clock was showing the correct time when I unplugged the battery from it last night.’

‘But why did you do it?’ I was aghast.

‘Why do we need to run the clock at night|? All of us are sleeping? This is why I unplugged all the batteries from all the wall clocks last night to save the battery. Henceforth, I will unplug all the batteries at night and install them again in the morning. As soon as the sun rays enter your room, get up from the bed. There were no wall clocks a few centuries ago. People still lived, worked, and did everything on time. If they could do it, so can we.’

This was my dad. He had a few credit cards in collections. He wanted to consolidate collection accounts and save money. But he needed money for that. So, he used to always find out funny ways to save money. Certainly we didn’t enjoy it at that time. But now, when all of us are adults, we share a hearty laugh over that incident.

Today, I will share a few more fun ways to save money. Some I have learned from dad. I have learned the other fun ways from my friends. So, here we go.

1.Wash clothes in your bath water                         

When you take a shower, don’t waste the water. Use it to hand wash your clothes to save water, electricity, and money. Dad used to run the washing machine once a month only.

2. Use a screwdriver for stir-frying

Who needs a wok spatula for frying veggies? Dad used to fry veggies with a screwdriver. He used it as a spatula to save money on cutlery sets. It’s funny, but you can stir-fry vegetables with it.

3. Inform all that you’re out of town in X-mas

Announce that you will be out of town on Christmas so that you don’t have to buy gifts for everyone. You can stay in your house and enjoy yourself.

4. Use old refrigerator as your wardrobe

Don’t replace or throw away your old and defunct refrigerator. Use it to keep your clothes and other stationery items. Dad used to keep his night clothes and undergarments there.

5. Shower only once a week

Take a bath only once a week. You will save a lot of water and time. Sure, you will stink, and that will be good for you in the long run. People will stay away from you. They won’t invite you to social parties. So, you will save money on food and fuel. You won’t have to worry about buying expensive clothes as well.

6. Go to sleep when the sun sets

As soon as the sun sets and the sky is dark, go to sleep. It will help you to save money on electricity. No parties. No light. No television. No mobile games. Surely, you will save a lot of money.

7. Don’t make love to your partner

How does that help you to save money? Well, when you don’t have to buy contraceptives or when you don’t have kids, you will surely save a lot of money and time.


Stockpile all the items you have in your house. Dad used to keep all the packagers, plastics, bags, and tiniest things in the backyard. His logic was simple. ‘I might need any one of these items after ten years. Why should I waste them? Don’t throw away anything. You might need them when you are old.’