Chart One: Highlight words on your chart = finance 101

Sometimes prices go up, sometimes prices go down

Chart Two: Highlight multiple letters on your chart = finance 102

If you draw a few lines in a chart it will make you look like a real genius

Chart Three: Squiggly Lines going up

Drawing a few lines around a chart that looks like a slice of pie is called being a chartist

Chart Four: Arrow point downward reversion spike

Make sure to draw arrows in Microsoft Paint in the direction you want a price to go.

Chart Five: Drawing pointy arrows going up will make a price goes up (logic)

Chart Six: Put as many lines in a chart as possible. The more lines = more smart looking

Chart Seven: Make up your own terminology like “Double ZigZag” is next level genius

Chart Eight: Use words like Inflationary and Deflationary with arrows pointing everywhere to look like a Ph.D

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