77-pack natural light with crude oil
77-Pack of Natural Light costs more than a barrel of WTI Crude Oil

Yes, you read the title right.  There’s such thing as a 77-pack of Natural Light – and it will cost you more than a damn barrel of crude oil. 

I never knew I needed a 77-pack of Natural Light beer.  That is until the stock market blew up in 2020 and the whole world went on a total lockdown.  Now that I know I can buy a 77-pack of Natural Light beer the entire world just got a little brighter amidst the current chaotic economic backdrop.

The only challenge is hauling this bad lad of beer home.  Apparently a 77-pack of Natural Light beer weights a massive 65 pounds.  That means only the strongest Chad’s will be able to tote this timber back to their bachelor pads.

What is most surprising is a 77-pack of Natural Light costs more than a damn barrel of crude oil!  A 77-pack of deliciousness will cost you around $30 bucks retail.  On the flip side, a barrel of crude oil is priced around $21/barrel.

Source: Price of barrel of oil via Macro Trends

Despite the dramatic drop in the price of a damn barrel of oil, a 77-pack of Natural Light is likely to yield a significant higher internal rate of return.  For an example, a seasoned alcoholic could drink 10 beers a day and have the 77-pack last him all week with 7 beers to spare come Sunday. 

Furthermore, if you live in a state with a deposit you can return the cans yielding on average $7.7 dollars.  Seven dollars and 77 cents could get you a nice fifth of Mohawk Vodka to block out those worries about the stocks going down and you making horrible “back-half” of the year cash flow projections on your lousy energy names you pitched to the world at the beginning of 2020. 

Plus who the hell needs a barrel of oil in these times?  We can’t travel anywhere.  There is nothing to do outside.  The only thing we are allowed to do is sit inside of our homes and drink the apocalypse away. 

I’d take a 77-pack of Natural Light over a damn barrel of oil any day of the week.  

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