I wake up every morning with a stiff one. Rock hard. Solid. The room is usually cold. I like it brisk in my penthouse.

My penthouse overlooks the city. The city of wonder. New York.

I was an investment banker. Now I’m a hedge fund manager. I buy companies. Buy them to sell them at a higher price later. I make money from the fool willing to sell me the shares. I make money selling the shares back to the fool at a higher price. Scum.

Most mornings I sit and read the Wall Street Journal. News has been pissing me off lately. Valuations continue to rise. There has been some blood on the streets but not enough to excite me.

Interest rates are starting to rise. Most cities are washed in debt so much they could declare bankruptcy. Some states may even declare bankruptcy. Labor is expensive. Inflation is starting peek through the narrow corners of an overinflated asset environment. I’m waiting patiently. I want some real estate. Some hard assets. Stiff…

It is only a matter of time before asset prices collapse. The bull market has been raging harder and longer than I could have ever imagined. Corporate taxes have been cut – good. But what will the government do to save society when the asset bubble pops? We can’t drop interest rates anymore? Cut more taxes, I’d think not. The country will burn. Burn into oblivion.

And then that is when I come in. I will scoop the cheap assets up under my belt. I have a hoard of silver and gold waiting to allocate to cash flowing assets. Junk silver will get me through the hardest recessions, the toughest of depressions.

It’s only a matter of time. Mark my words.

– Patrick