What a week huh, with the most turbulent ride yet seen by the new kids, and old dogs in the Energy stonks, futures and traders. Volatility expressed by CBOE VIX Index reaching unprecedented 75.19 on March 12. Simply put, shit was crazy. “Haha”, you say. “Not that crazy since Corona (without the lime) has only claimed 55 people in the States, and the repercussions have been overblown by Media and political interest. The common influenza has a higher death rate by a factor of 1690% and this turmoil will pass.”

Ok Dickson. Your opinion is respected but let’s look at the money cause that’s what matters…oh wait…..for the vast majority there is none because all the newbies bulls and bears were fucked raw. No, that would assume some pleasure was derived from it, it was a massacre with WTI reaching a low $27 on March 11 and settling on $34.28 on Friday the 13th. Bulls and Bears both were not spared.

There is a certain level of emotional investment that Energy traders have, because they understand the cold reality of their jobs. In the words of Twitter user, The Stranger (@whyallthecussin)

“I think it has to do with working weeks to months on end with other badass degenerates in the middle of nowhere away from friends, family and fun. And when shit hits the fan you see your job and livelihood are in the hands of crooks and cronies. Cycles harden people”

Wise words that we should follow. This Cycle will make men out of boys and retire the old, like The Stranger who made a drastic exit of Upstream in 2020. He may not be with us anymore, but his words still hold true. So pull up your knickers buttercup, find inner balance, hold your long and short positions with full knowledge of daily volatility for short terms cash gains, and keep your eyes open for under-valued stonks/assets where you can build up assets for mid to long term returns.

In the words of the Godfather of Psychology for the Energy trader, Marcus Aurelius “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Understand that the volatility is to your advantage stay cool baby, play the game to win and you will succeed.

P.S. Now would be a good time to be sparing with your toilet paper usage, keep it to a bare minimum. You young bucks keep the fapping to once every two days and resort to socks for isle cleanage. Stay Safe.

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