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Purgatory – Last night a group of wild Christian women blew up an abortion clinic in western Nevada. The group of Christians called Angry Christians Against Dead Babies is run by a faction of devout emotionally charged women – claiming to preserve unborn babies rights.

The attack was deadly. According to reliable – and I mean reliable – sources, the emotionally charged Christian women stormed into an abortion clinic with baseball bats screaming Allahu Akbar at the tops of their lungs. Survivors of the attack say the emotionally charged women were overweight, wearing no bras and had blood stains on their crotch due to their perceived menstrual cycle.

The attackers first took their baseball bats and started swinging them at patients. One woman said she was hit on the head by a bat – immediately getting knocked out. After beating everyone with baseball bats, the women started taking shits on all of the abortion equipment. “It was completely disgusting”, said a bystander. Finally, to finish off the shit-fest, the emotionally charged Christian women took their pants off and wiped their bloody crotch on the ground like a dog wipes its ass on the ground to get rid of tapeworms.

To finish off the barbaric attack, the emotionally charged women made a prayer circle around the bloody shit mess they created – proceeding to blow themselves and the building up in the process. 983,073 people were killed. This was the most deadly terrorist attack ever seen by the likes of men.

So many people have died that horrific evening that there are plans to tear down the Vietnam Wall – replacing it with the Crazy Emotionally Charged Christian Women Wall. Notable celebrities who died in the horrific attack to be included but not limited to are as follows:

Tickle Me Elmo

John Wayne Gacy

Adam Sandler

Artie Lang

Optimus Prime

Rosie O’Donnell’s Tampon

Stan Marsh

Mr. Clean



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