Devon Energy Corporation (“DVN”) Board of Directors,

My name is Jimmy Johnson.  I have been an investor in Devon Energy since 2011 when the stock price was at $90 per share.  I bought fifteen shares of Devon which was worth $1,350 at the time of my purchase.  This was my entire net worth. 

Over the past few years I have watched the Devon share price tumble to the current level of $16 per share.  THIS IS NOT WHY I BOUGHT THE STOCK!  I bought the stock because I was promised it would go up and not down from a reputable energy investor who told me, and I quote, “Devon Energy is a sure thing”.

I am beyond pissed off.  I was expecting my share in Devon Energy to be worth over $500,000 by now!  News flash, my share in Devon is only worth $250 bucks.  How am I supposed to pay my rent?  Can you riddle me that?

Over the past five years I have hoarded bottles of poop and pee in my basement.  I will be sending the board of directors one bottle of poop and one bottle of pee everyday until the stock price is above $90 per share.  I want to exit YOUR company profitability and soon. 

To show you I am serious I have sent a picture of me naked, only in cowboy boots to the board of directors.  This is a serious matter and I want answers now.  The first bottle of poop and pee will arrive tomorrow morning before the stock market opens.  There will be additional bottles of poop AND PEE sent every morning until the stock price is above $90 per share.

I hope you act now!  The time to make the stock price go up AND NOT DOWN is now! 


Jimmy Johnson

Source of image: The Smoking Gun

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