15 Dogecoin

U.S. House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders issued a joint statement today arguing for the need to increase the federal minimum wage to 15 Dogecoin. The announcement came as Congress continues to debate the appropriate response to the pandemic crisis. With the expected eviction wave on the horizon and the latest unemployment numbers painting a bleak outlook for many American families, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party hopes that a cryptocurrency based on a mid-tier meme will bring relief.

“We are once again, asking the Federal Government to do its job and improve the lives of working-class families,” the statement read. “Unlike other shitcoins, Dogecoin provides the hope our people need and is central to creating a memebased economy that works for everyone.”

The proposal is unlikely to gain much traction in either house beyond the furthest left caucuses, but it is turning more heads than expected. So much so that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it necessary to issue a rebuttal.

“Some of my colleagues believe in the socialist idea of setting a minimum Dogecoin floor for slaves… cough… I mean workers,” Mitch responded. “Let me just tell you, we will not give an inch to these Dogecoin maximalists. Everyone knows Litecoin is the future and America will not let these Dogecoin apologists take over our country.”

Polling on the issue is sparse, with only a single Gallup poll from early February indicating that only 35% of Americans support increasing the memecoin minimum wage. Over half of the respondents had no idea what Dogecoin was, suggesting that progressives have a long way to go in terms of educating the public on shitcoinonomics.

Support for raising the minimum wage in antiquated U.S. Dollars seems to have more support among the public, but with the recent rise of Dogecoin economists worry that too much focus on a real currency at the neglect of memecoins could send policy makers in the wrong direction. Many Congressional members have already started asking that the CBO offer analyses in their preferred cryptocurrency, suggesting that legislation using U.S. Dollars may start to become less common.