Bish Talks with ABC News on Battlecam

Dear Kayla,

Today was a day of betrayal. A day of unfaithfulness. A day of treachery. Today was the day you left the Best Friends Group Chat.

The amount of sadness we all feel is of an un-magnitude proportion. You took our hearts and ripped them from out chest. You then proceeded to spit and piss on our barely beating hearts. To finish, you squatted over the hearts of the “Best Friends Group Chat” and took a massive, stinky shit on them.

We gave you everything! You could have had the fucking world! So many people try to get into the “Best Friends Group Chat” on a daily basis and you just throw us out like we are some fucking trash. God, it makes us so irate.

Good luck finding another supportive group of Best Friends – I highly doubt you will find people like – Asian Man, Trent’s Buttplug AKA Zamboni Pony, Crackhead Rash, Dildo Licking Slime or Cane My Tits Until They are Purple Daddy! We are one of a kind. The Best Friends Group.

Hope you enjoy your life – NOT!

P.S. – have you ever stuck danced naked on the side of the road with your hair on fire yelling, “mama, why”?

P.P.S – Asian Man says you are a bot and not real and you make him nervous.



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