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Anthony Pompliano Decentralizes His Own Marriage

Anthony Pompliano

January 21, 2021– Bitcoin has been following a downward trend recently, which some say signifies the end of its bull run. In the last week it had fallen over 12%, and since yesterday it has plummeted a further 8%. For those unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has immense value because of its decentralized nature and limited supply. Bitcoin is more stable than the USD because it cannot be influenced by any world government (It has dropped a further 2% as I write this article.)

Bitcoin’s popularity is very much a result of its recognition on social media. The Winklevoss twins, Anthony Pompliano, and Chamath Palihapitiya are three of the most popular Bitcoin pumpers. During the currency’s bull run, the three have made over 219,037,098,194 tweets about Bitcoin combined.

In a recent tweet, Anthony Pompliano (@apompliano) uttered the following incoherent nonsense, “Decentralize the institutions to give power back to the people.”

Now, you may be wondering what this means. Our experts assume that Pomp wants institutions to adopt Bitcoin on their balance sheet, which Pomp has commonly supported. This would allow institutions to be free from the USD, which Pomp believes is extremely volatile and unsafe (Unlike Bitcoin). Presumably, this would also cause the price of Bitcoin to spike, making Pomp much wealthier, but we doubt that this is behind his motive.