Apple Terminates Fortnite

Apple in mid-August said that it would terminate Epic Games’ developer account if the Fortnite app continued to break the new App Store rules which now includes anti-cultural appropriation.

Fortnite has received much controversy in the past for allegedly stealing dance moves from black artists, putting them into their game, and monetizing them.

Apple has demanded that Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, remove dances deemed as black from non-poc characters.

This introduction to the App Store rules came soon after Apple announced that they would remove ‘Master/Slave’ and ‘Blacklist’ terms from coding platforms and has been telling developers since to instead use inclusive language terms such as ‘primary/secondary’ and ‘deny list/allow list’.

An excerpt from the new App Store rules includes:

  • Non-POC characters can not perform international rituals or dances.
  • Non-POC characters may not dress in international garbs.
  • Only POC characters may wear their hair in dreads.
  • All game characters must have their race and heritage explicitly stated to avoid confusion. Aliens and non-human characters are exempt.*

Many people feel that Apple’s new App Store rules are progressive, and wish that Fortnite would make the update.

When The Stonk Market approached Fortnite players for comment, we were told “idk why” and “hwo to customise my fortnite cahcrater?”

Fortnite is no longer available on Apple’s App Store as of Thursday morning.