Rush Limbaugh

Ben Shaprio, the host of the a popular conservative podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show” and somehow, a New York Times best-selling author—took to Twitter to make his first public statement since the passing of Rush Limbaugh

“RIP Rush Limbaugh, the creator of talk radio and by extension the alternative media, an indispensable and iconic conservative voice.” It is unconfirmed, but most believe Shapiro’s used ‘RIP’ in place of ‘Rest in Peace.’ Not ‘Rest in Piss’—which happened to be trending on Twitter for hours after Limbaugh’s death was announced.

Shapiro was not done there though. Not by a longshot. Not after all Limbaugh had done to empower Shapiro as a youth. A small man with big aspirations—emboldened by the vitriolage of tirelessly divisive rhetoric that Limbaugh blasted the American Public with during his 30+ year career in media.

“This is a sad day,” Shapiro started, “A very sad day. Rush was a good man—and a better media strategist. He helped to shape an America… No… To shape a world, in which I—and all of my fans, the ShapiRetards, can be seen, be heard, and enact change! No matter who it hurts!”

The 5’ 6” podcaster sunk even lower in his chair and began to openly weep. His producers offered to cut the stream but Shapiro felt it was important for the ShapiRetards to see the impact that Limbaugh had on him. To see that he too—was human.

In that moment, Shapiro recognized a tweet and impromptu Clubhouse session wasn’t enough—and he announced he will be hosting a “Week of Remembrance” for the man who showed him what baselessly bloviating really was.

It is unclear what a ‘Week of Remembrance’ will look like, especially considering the on-going Covid-19 crisis, but sources close to Shapiro have hinted that it will likely involve a special segment on Fox News.