Bernard Looney

In a new announcement by British Petroleum’s CEO Bernard Looney, he says he will be stepping down to make way for his new successor to usher out a clean energy solution. The successor will be none other than Trevor Milton formerly of Nikola Motors. This does answer the questions around Trevor’s abrupt exit from the company he helped start up all by himself in his basement, and also third party help.

The reason behind the alleged deal between BP and Nikola for hydrogen stations was actually just a ploy to get Milton to the table to talk about taking the helm at BP, and creating synergy to an unprecedented scale. Bernard was heard talking about Mr. Milton as a visionary and trail blazers. The way he lead the SPAC to create and destroy so much capital so quickly is exactly what will be needed at BP going forward.

The green initiatives that Trevor will be carrying out will be a high windfall, but luckily he is eyeing his brother and Jason Roycht to help out. This trio will need to invest in only carbon neutral technology, which will have to be operated at a loss. One day Trevor hopes this will be profitable, but it could be a tall order considering his last position.

Trevor was also considering installing solar panels all throughout the office spaces at BP, when asked why he said it is a great way to show revenue uptick if we use our own in house designs. The next space Trevor wants to help BP expand to is a corporate jet that just runs on batteries. He wants a fully carbon neutral jet, the issue currently is not getting it to go down (something Mr. Milton knows very well), but to stay up in flight with only so much charge in the battery packs onboard.

This is going to be a very exciting and interesting transition for BP coming up. Trevor is slated to take the helm on New Years day 2021. Here at The Stonk Market, we cannot wait to short this stock to pieces once it happens and make some fat sick gainz.