Biden Covax

President Biden is preparing a slew of new executive orders limiting the ability to purchase guns after a string of mass shootings, or as we call it in America a week. Although some traditional methods of gun control are expected including limiting ghost gun purchases, enabling more background checks, one particular new action caught people by surprise

One executive action plans to create a string of new commercials that will be broadcasted daily for 365 days portraying gun owners as ‘homosexual’ and ‘not cool’. A preview of one of these advertisements was already leaked to the media, it depicts a southern man with a beard and camo jacket purchasing an AR-15 then immediately making out with the male clerk as Lil Nas X plays.

It is unclear if this plan will work, but many Republicans on Twitter are calling this move ‘abhorrent’. Senator Ted Cruz tweeted “The radical left knows no end, for a party of tolerance they sure seem to like making fun of fa-, gay men.”