Bill Gates Grimes

Following the divorce announcement of Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill stated that he has been railing Grimes behind Melinda’s back for year.

“You know Elon’s green haired girl?” Gates stated while smirking. “I’ve been railing her like a college frat boy while that chump Elon works on his silly electric car business. I’ve never felt so alive. Yolo.”

Following the contentious announcement Musk tweeted the following which was subsequently deleted a mere two minutes later.

“Yo! Fuck dat Bahll Gates modarfucker. Ah be baaad… I’m goahng ta strap hahm ta a rocket a’ send hahs facy ass ta space. What it is, Mama!”

According to sources, Musk was reported to be stoned on hallucinogens’ and whippets. Musk was later found whimpering at a Denny’s found in Austin, Texas where he was covering his shirtless gut in KY Jelly.