Bloomberg Tweet

In a now deleted tweet, the Bloomberg twitter account tweeted, “Women belong in the kitchen, not the trading floor!” The tweet was sent off on International Women’s day sparking a firestorm of comments.

“If these people had any understanding of the joke we were playing,” a Bloomberg spokesman stated in a press release. “We were trying to get more women involved in the investing industry with this tweet. The goal was to make a really good sexist joke to get women engaged in the comments then post a sub-tweet saying how they should apply for a job with us. It just went right over their heads.”

The tweet got over 9,000 likes in thousands of retweets in minutes. One Twitter user even listed the tweet on the NFT marketplace and sold it for $10,000 dollars. “I saw an opportunity to make a few bucks,” Dylan Mathers stated. “Shooters shoot.”

Bloomberg issued an apologize later this evening stating, “We hear you. We got our initial tweet wrong and we’re sorry. Our aim was to make a really cruel sexist joke because we thought it was funny. You know like LOL. We will do better next time by making fun and including all sexes in our cruel jokes #nobodyleftbehind.