The Stonk Market is proud to announce that Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Brad Holly has been named the Sexiest CEO Alive for the year of 2020.

With Brad’s devilish smile, deep soul-searching eyes and childlike face, this Texas bred steed of a man is every Roughneck’s wet dream come true.

The three titled executive (Chairman, President and CEO) Brad Holly, can now add The Stonk Market’s “Sexiest CEO Alive” to his title (preferably before Chairman) as another asset in his “lethal” arsenal.

“Having Sexiest CEO Alive in Brad’s title will be particularly helpful when addressing Whiting’s $2 billion plus liquidity concerns,” states Global Energy Analyst Ted Bundy. “I bet with a few bats of his eyebrows Brad Holly will have the liquidity concerns under control and he will be back in the board room making aggressive “growth” capex investment decisions.”

Estimates on the title value of Sexiest CEO Alive range from a discounted present value of $300 million to a whopping $500 million dollars – more than the equity stub of Whiting Petroleum Corporation. There are rumors on the street that Brad has already listed the title of Sexiest CEO Alive on eBay with a lowball bid of $20 bucks.

If Brad successfully liquidates his title as Sexiest CEO Alive, we estimate Whiting Petroleum will be cash flow breakeven by 2045. A cash flow neutral energy company is something to be envious of.

Source of Featured Image: Colorado Politics

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