California Austin Texas

Following a recent string of announcements from high profile technology companies and executives, the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, “Cal-Biz,” has announced it plans to move its headquarters to Austin, Texas.

“When you look at the tax savings and real-estate costs alone it just makes clear sense,” said Cal-Biz officer Pamela Fuller, “we are excited to bring over 5,000 jobs to Californians now living in Texas.”

The department’s move follows on the heels of large Silicon Valley departures including Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and twitter personality Elon Musk. Texas government officials lauded the move as a representation of their state’s success at attracting high-tech California government offices.

“We are happy to welcome Cal-Biz and any government agency across the US that wants to escape the burden of high income taxes and regulation and exchange them for high property taxes and inescapably suffocating humidity,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to the announcement.

Governor Gavin Newsom dismissed the move as a cash-grab and helping to contribute to a race-to-the-bottom between states.

“While I am disappointed in Cal-Biz’s decision, I want to emphasize that our great state continues to invest in our other Governor’s offices including the Office of Parole and Office of Unconscious Biases.”