When California entered the Union in 1850, one of the first actions taken by its lawmakers was to adopt the law of Riparian Rights. One year later, the Legislature recognized the Appropriative Right System, which means California law allows surface water to be diverted at one point and used(appropriated) beneficially at a separate point. This is in contrast to a Riparian Rights, which is based on ownership of the property adjacent to the water.

Now California is looking into Appropriative Zephyr Rights. Otherwise, Appropriative Wind Rights. No longer will an individual be able to put up a small wind turbine to ‘get off the grid’ without the state saying where that generated electricity will be delivered. Even those individuals who currently have small wind turbines will not be grandfathered. Much like the Riparian Rights lost in 1851.

Is this, ‘THE NEW NORMAL?’
Silence Dogood