The CDC may change the Covid-19 virus strain from Omicron to Kodachrome. Why? The word Omicron just sounds scary; however, the word Kodachrome is just more realistic. With the super spread of Omicron, it’s like Covid-19 was on Pervitin. Its amazing speed was can be compared to the Nazi

Blitzkrieg. But now it is believed the super spread of Covid-19 can be blamed on six words;
“Everyone scoot closer and say cheese,” thus the new name Kodachrome variant.
The CDC is just now realizing that with all the holiday family get togethers along with all
those camera phones, the Covid-19 virus was now on Pervitin and Kodachrome was born.

It could have been stopped if only the camera phones were left home. Better yet, Covid-
19 could have been stopped dead if people would have used a ‘Photo Works’ or some other
brand of software that many have used to display a ‘Bernie Sanders Mittens Memes’.


-Silence Dogood