Wall Street – This morning the CFA Institute released a press release saying all candidates of the CFA must wear a goofy tie to the test.  Any candidate not wearing a goofy tie will be asked to leave.  A goofy tie is mandatory for all future candidates of the CFA.   

“We decided to make wearing a goofy tie to the CFA a new mandatory requirement for candidates,” a spokesman for the CFA explained.  “We realized the CFA test is a rather serious matter and we are trying to hype things up a bit.  We believe candidates will be more relaxed wearing a goofy tie.”

In the past the CFA Institute made it mandatory to wear stuffy, boring suits that someone like Dwight Schrute would wear.  The CFA Institute realized that stuffy suits are out, and goofy ties are in – they are trying to please the hard to reach millennial.

“The candidate who wears the goofiest tie will automatically pass the CFA,” the spokesman said.  “This should provide a great incentive for candidates to find the goofiest tie they can.”

An example of some goofy ties are as follows:

  • Hotdog tie
  • Tie with kitty cats
  • Tie with animal butts
  • Donald Trump tie
  • Tie of big truck stuck in mud
  • Tie of stonks going down

There are rumors the CFA Institute will force all candidates to wear clown shoes next year.  This would be a positive step in the right direction in our opinion. 

Source of featured image: French Fry Tie