Charlie Munger NothingCoin

In what could be the flip flop of the century, Charlie Munger, old man, called NothingCoin a very innovative and favorable interest to civilization.

“This NothingCoin thing actually looks very promising,” Munger stated on CNBC. “All of these crypto gurus say how their little invisible computer code on the internet is going to be life changing, special, magical, blah, blah, blah. NothingCoin does the complete opposite. It does literally nothing. Genius, innovative and very favorable to the interests of our current civilization that just sits on their ass and sends disappearing nudes on SnapChat all day.”

Later in the interview Charlie Munger had an aneurysm and passed out in his own urine when he found out Greta Thurnberg was launching an activist campaign against Berkshire Hathaway due to its massive Chevron holdings. “Fuck that little Thurnberg,” Munger said while foaming at the mouth.”