Citadel Ken Griffin

Citadel Securities, a large market maker that was under fire during meme stock madness in January, has yet again come into the spotlight. In recent weeks, numerous leaked documents showed that Robinhood and Citadel Securities infact may have conspired to restrict trading on popular meme stocks undergoing a short squeeze to stop further losses. CEO of Citadel, now formerly known as Ken Griffin denied these claims.

While they painted a picture of protecting investors, it was revealed Citadel had a investing interest in several hedge funds that were short GameStop and AMC, making it largely favorable for Citadel to have trading on these stocks stop.

Angry retail investors pointed out Ken Griffin lied under oath after he told Congress Citadel had not asked Robinhood or any brokerage to halt trading on these securities. Following the leaks, new court filings show that Ken Griffin has legally changed his name to Deshawn Watson Brown and now identifies as a 6”8 black man.

Citadel Securites tweeted out, “CEO Deshawn Brown did not lie to Congress under oath, Ken Griffin former CEO of Citadel might of, but he now no longer is with the company. Deshawn Brown will not be bullied by racist Robinhood traders into backing down.” a following tweet by Citadel stated.