Yemen Food

The CME Group announced that it would try and capitalize on two issues plaguing the world today. The financial institution announced two futures contracts that investors could trade on: one being available of water in California, and the second on availability of food in Yemen.

The CME Group decided it could exploit this humanitarian crisis, ya know, because capitalism. These Yemen quarterly futures contracts have several factors, but mostly correlate to a ratio of the amount of food imported per population, and the number of children who have died from starvation.

Yemen has been in a famine since 2016, caused by several factors, including a civil war, a naval blockade by the US and Saudi Arabia, and by Houthi rebels confiscating food.

90% of the country’s food supply is imported into this broke boi nation, and 85,000 Yemen children have died from starvation as of 2018.

When looking up how to help Yemen, the first piece of advice given by worldvision was to “pray”. I already prayed that my investment in the future went up, but not sure that the children of Yemen can fill their stomachs on that.

But if you are interested in helping, here’s the link to donate. I didn’t donate, because I already have a fridge full of food, but you can I guess.