CNBC’s Wapner Exits to “Safe Space” – Refuses to Leave


New York – Scott Wapner was having a stellar day by all accounts. Renowned investor Nelson Peltz appeared on Wapner’s “Halftime Show”, sharing how much he “loved the show” before laying out reasons why stocks were undervalued at 70x forward earnings. This was the type of cheerleading Wapner and CNBC love the most.

But almost immediately after, the interview took an unexpected turn. Peltz went on to explain how it was in fact the Trump administration which was largely responsible for the justifiably lofty valuations. As Peltz spoke, cameras shifted back to Wapner who was visibly upset – the glimmer of a teardrop seen rolling down his face. When Peltz was done showering the administration with praise, the shaken Wapner couldn’t resist. He stammered through the awkward question, “So, are you telling me you will be voting for Trump this fall?” Peltz confirmed as much, while stating that he “came to talk about the markets, not about who he would be voting for.”

The network then cut to an unexpected break, when Wapner reportedly headed straight to the network’s recently constructed safe space. The safe space – chock full of adult coloring books and doughnuts – was recently added by CNBC as a space for hosts and other personnel to retreat when “the trauma of having to hear Trump’s name in any positive light simply becomes too great”.

The remaining segment with Mr. Peltz had to be terminated, as Wapner refused to leave the space. Producers – who were feverishly trying to lure him out of the room – heard Wapner angrily shouting “how am I ever going to get the MSNBC gig when I get repeatedly blind-sided by these pro-Trump meanies?!”

Fortunately for CNBC, Wapner did eventually agree to leave the space in time for his next segment – but only after the network agreed to re-title the evening show “Markets in Turmoil: Big Orange Man Bad”.

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