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Crayola’s ‘Tickle Me Pink’ Used In New Nikola Rendering

Nikola Pink

EASTON, PA – In yet another sign of success for EV “manufacturer” Nikola Corporation, Crayola’s ‘Tickle Me Pink’ has signed over exclusive rights to be used in new Nikola rendering.

“We are very excited to sign over exclusive rights for our popular Tickle Me Pink,” Rich Wuerthele stated.  “Tickle Me Pink is one the most popular colors available among girls age 3-7.  This should be a huge success.”

The exclusive deal for Crayola’s Tickle Me Pink comes after Jason Roycht unveiled Nikola’s new EV truck rendering on Twitter to provide awareness for breast cancer.

“What do you think should we make a pink Nikola Truck to raise awareness to fight Breast Cancer?”

Since the announcement from Crayola Nikola’s stock price has soared from $30 dollars to $36.72 per share.  The announcement has added over $3 billion to the valuation.  On a relative basis Nikola Corporation now has a market cap that is half of Ford Motors.

Short sellers and fundamental value investors continue to die in droves, as the market shows no sign of becoming sane.  Thousands of investors burned the once renowned Intelligent Investor in Times Square this weekend.

Investors expect Nikola to record $0.0045 million in related party revenues in Q3 generated from trimming Trevor Milton’s hedges at his ranch.