Crypto market tumbles, or should I say precipitously falls into a day of brutal assholing for crypto bros.

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) -10% to $3,660, Ether (ETH-USD) -16% to $127, Bitcoin Cash -16% to $134, Stellar (XLM-USD) -15% to $0.1056, Ripple (XRP-USD) -11.5% to $0.3290, Litecoin (LTC-USD) -15% to $33.

Crypto bros ask what the news is for this?

Here’s a quick news flash, unless someone finds a general use for these shitcoins, they are a waste of space that belong in the nearest trashcan. These shitcoins offer no solution for anything. And even if they offered a solution, the shitcoin name has been tarnished by the pump and dump the mainstream financial media did on the naive retail investor. THE MARKET IS TAKING OUT THE TRASH!

This is what an asset transfer from the mainstream financial media, from the naïve retail investor looks like.

bitcoin price

We expect the price of all shitcoins to continue to plummet as more people become desperate. Fair value of the bitcoins, shitcoins and all other coins is likely to be zero.

I like the idea of a decentralized currency, but what the fuck even is a bitcoin? Can someone really explain it to me?



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