Dad overwrites bitcoin

SHEBOYGAN, WI – Returning from a fun filled trip of food, fun, family, and a few thousand dollars lighter in his pocket book, local father Greg Forrester was unaware he was about to make one of the biggest financial blunders of his life.

As most baby boomers are, Greg has always loves exchanging photos with friends and family but terrible with technology – “BookFace”, “Tweeter” – he doesn’t understand any of it. So on his first day back in town, after devouring a plate of cheese curds, he couldn’t wait to get all the photos he took on his Canon camera to get developed. There was just one thing missing: a USB to put them on to transfer them onto to get them printed.  He didn’t have one but he figured one of his college aged kids must – they like technology. After some searching, he found one tucked away in his sons desk drawer.

He plugged the stick into his machine to start the process. On it were a few files that just looked like complete gibberish – some random numbers and letters – that he just chalked up to some sort of “tech thing” and deleted it before adding the photos.

The patriarch of the family then swung on over to the nearest Wal Mart to get them developed and grab a few steaks on the way back.  Once he got back, he underhand tossed the USB into his son Luke’s lap and said “thanks champ”.

Frantic and stunned, the son ran to his room and yelled out a deafening “FUCK!” followed by an hour of tears. After explaining to his dad what he had done to his coins in “cold storage” – “why didn’t you put them in the freezer” he quipped midway through – , the oaf stood there and could only mutter one word in the end: “Ope!”