Well Logging

“As mudloggers, we’re really just here to monitor the gas,” explains Martin Roberts, an oil field veteran with 14 long months of hard-earned experience.

“We work 12-hour days, sometimes multiple days in a row, nobody expects you to stay awake the whole time,” he continues between gulps of Rockstar energy drink while leveling his Warrior Orc in World of Warcraft.

Mudloggers, A.K.A. the weird guy on the rig that nobody is sure what he does or where he is most of the time, unless the operator sends catering, are one of the more “essential” positions on an oil and gas rig.

Here is a long list of all the great things they do: 

Did you see anything? Good, neither did I. Oh wait, when they are green they are easy to mess with. Have you ever see a mudlogger spend an hour asking everyone on the rig if they know where the key to the V door is? Well at Dinsin Well Logging you will be the butt of everyone’s joke from day one.

Times can be tough in the oil field but mudloggers come cheap. It’s a job that a 9th grade dropout can do with a spoon and piece of aluminum foil (mudloggers are attracted to shiny things like pyrite, so the shiny foil helps to keep them focused on task).

It is important to make sure they have a clear path to the shakers. Mudloggers, like ants, can easily get thrown off course if they do not have a clear path to follow. Half the time they don’t even get back to the same rig after a night of drinking. They aren’t hot railing meth like the geosteerers so they are next to useless if you like taking apart toasters and putting them back together.

Brindin Dinsin, the fearless bottle-of-jack-a-day owner of Dinsin Well Logging claims he can mudlog anything. Outspoken in his determination he explains, “One time I was getting plastered at the bar when some idiot said I couldn’t mudlog his back yard, well I got up and showed him how a real mud man clogs a pipe. Jokes on him now! My wife wasn’t too happy but a man has got to man up when his masculinity is called in to question.”

Just another day’s work for your typical mudlogger. And just because your at the bottom of the Totem Pole doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t still standing on your shoulders.