Hunter Biden Sex Tape
Gateway Pundit, Screenshot

When I thought I couldn’t have seen anything more disgusting after witnessing two girls one cup in the early 2000s, I was completely wrong.  The Hunter Biden sex tape is absolutely disgusting.  If you are a brave soul, like a modern day Lewis and Clark, feel free to check it out here.  But be sure to have your barf bag ready, you are going to need it.

China’s GTV located in Mandarin, performed the heroic effort of uploading the Hunter Biden sex tape for all to see.  The video is over fifteen minutes long and what looks to be filmed from a really crappy camera in a stinky hotel room likely covered in cockroaches and rats.

In the video Hunter is seen smoking crack while getting a foot job from an unknown person.  Full disclosure, I was eating a bowl of chili when “accidentally” stumbling upon the video.  I puked up my entire chili and had to lay down on my left side for thirty minutes to recover.

Stocks are expected to rocket on the this news.  As the late Ben Graham said, “buy stocks hand over fist when the former Vice President’s sons sex tape is leaked.”  In addition, Goldman Sachs is looking to raise capital to take the video public via SPAC.