Elementary School Sues for Defamation


Missouri May 5 2020 (UPI) – Last week an article appeared on social media suggesting that Sherwood Elementary school in Missouri was responsible for taking delivery of 10 million barrels of oil and summarily dumping the oil in the Potomac River.

“The Potomac is over 1,000 miles away” said Gus Myer, principal of Sherwood Elementary. “At first, we thought it was a joke, but then we got a call from the DEP.” The Department of Environmental Protection had been alerted to several articles posted on a site run by an oil analyst with thousands of followers. Soon the news reached Karen Finkle, head of the local PTA. Myer explained that “Mrs. Finkle thought the whole thing was real. I wish she had called me first.”

Lawyers for the DEP have filed an injunction against Sherwood Elementary as well as school employees Mark Hilton, James Morgan, and Michael Monterey. The small Missouri elementary school has been forced to hire an environmental law firm to respond to the allegation that its employees dumped oil in the Potomac.

Myer said the school was forced to pay a $100,000 retainer to the law firm. He also advised that Sherwood Elementary will seek legal recourse against Eloise Williams, the founder of a highly read stock market letter.

“This woman claims to be highly educated. She says she holds multiple degrees and was once a member of the US Senate. She should have done a little homework. We never heard of the employees she named in her article.”

This is a breaking story.

Written by Thorstein Veblen

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