Elizabeth Holmes

In a late-night message on Twitter, Elizabeth Holmes announced on Thursday that she has been working “for 14 hours to provide a clear, factual, low-emotional answer” on why she no longer sees a clear business model to remain with her current husband, Billy Evans, heir to a small chain of hotels in the United Kingdom.

Promising to share her report on Twitter before Evans woke up the next morning, she noted that her list of factual rebuttals to allegations of love for her husband would be cause to work through the night, and that she “feels great” about every component of her upcoming manifesto.

Holmes, currently under indictment for conspiracy and wire fraud linked to her time leading Theranos, a blood diagnostics device company that was revealed to be an elaborate fraud without viable technology, added in a subsequent tweet that she intended to pursue matrimony with Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton.

In her series of tweets, Elizabeth Holmes maintained that the only way to end her current marriage would be through an emotionless response, although her tweets maintained an emotionally defiant tone.  Striving for “max growth requires a transition to Trevor [Milton],” she said.

In a separate Instagram video, Holmes fired back against potential opponents of her divorce, affirming, “this is what happens when you change the world.”  Holmes continued, “my marriage, like a truck rolling down a hill under the force of gravity alone, eventually came to a stop… of course, I am currently developing truck engine technology that can run for over 300 miles on a single, virtually painless finger prick of blood.”

Milton is a noted member of the Church of Latter-day Saints, and is not expected to separate from his current spouse if nuptials with Holmes materialize.  While it remained unclear whether Milton had been previously informed of Holmes’ ambitions to ask for his other hand in marriage prior to her public declaration of low-emotion love, Milton deleted the last three months of his tweets indicating he was at least reconsidering his previous support of monogamy by removing recent statements made to that effect.

Despite repeated attempts, Holmes did not respond to our requests for comment in time for publication.  In a bizarre twist, just before press time Holmes posted a third tweet, stating that on advice of her counsel, the much-anticipated report would not, in fact, be made public and instead be sent to the divorce court and the SEC.