Elizabeth Warren Retail Investing

The entire countries attention has drawn to the recent market events involving the astronomical increase in prices of heavily shorted stocks such has GameStop (NYSE: GME), Nokia (NYSE: NOK), and AMC (NYSE: AMC) which has been fueled by the increase in retail investing and influence of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. This phenomenon has begun to worry many American politicians, one being Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who worries the increase in stock market gambling will undercut her family’s casino business.

Referring to her Cherokee heritage, Senator Warren states “As you all now by my cookbook recipes and my Papaws high cheek bones, my heritage originates from a long line of Native American ancestors” Senator Warren goes on, claiming that the increase in retail investors and stock market gambling is “a plot to undermine and oppress indigenous peoples by taking away business from Native American owned casinos”

With a large share of Senator Warren’s family fortune invested in Cherokee Nation Casino Properties, her livelihood could be at stake if too large of the gambling market share shifts from casinos and into the stock market. To prevent this, Senator Warren pushes for government intervention, stating “banning freethinking discussion boards and increasing regulations for small investors is the only way to protect my fellow Native Americans from financial ruin.”

She doesn’t stop there. Senator Warren continues on, calling out the SEC, claiming “The SEC has a mandate to ‘promote a market environment that is worthy of public trust’. How can this market environment be worthy of public trust when it has been built to directly undermine the indigenous people of our country?”

When asked by reporters if she favors this regulation to benefit her own bottom line, becomes enraged. All 1/1024 Native American Blood flowed through her veins with righteous anger, scolding the reporter, “How dare you try to take the attention away from the financial genocide my people are going through!”. She continued, talking to another reporter about her summers as a kid, which she spent with her Papaw, roaming the Oklahoma plains with the buffalo.

By Dalton Marr