Tesla's limited-edition shorts. Tesla

At a time when most major companies are working on plans to cut their carbon emissions, Tesla’s Emissions have been skyrocketing, largely in part to “Tesla Short-Shorts”.

The Short-Shorts, which were announced mid last year, have come under fire from many news outlets for emitting excessive amounts of CO2. “I think, you know that the goal of this product is to make the most inhumane, uncomfortable piece of fabric that a human can possibly wear,” Elon Musk stated. “The key here is to sell the product to as many emotionally unstable children as physically possible.”

Critics also attacked the high price tag. “My fans bought a fake currency with a dog on it, do you really think they won’t buy an overpriced piece of red-colored cloth?” Elon Musk Stated on Twitter.

Regardless of your opinion on the product, the Tesla short-shorts have been a massive success for Tesla, generating millions of followers for Elon Musk.