Elon Musk NothingCoin

Crypto enthusiast and Tesla & SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had big praise for a currently unreleased altcoin called ‘NothingCoin’ praising its technology as revolutionary. NothingCoin while still not up for sale is giving away one million NothingCoin, (NADA) for short to users who find the project and request the coin.

“The minimal energy consumption, the sleek and sexy logo, the power of giving the value of the coin to the people. It is beautiful, it is something I could only dream of thinking of” Musk said. “Once listed Tesla fully intends to accept NADA as a form of payment for Tesla’s, I am in early talks with our SpaceX engineering team to have the Falcon 9 rocket covered in a NothingCoin wrap, showing the aliens the superiority of this new currency.” Musk added.

Musk’s high praise for NADA sent their social media follower count soaring with the NothingCoin twitter gaining hundreds of thousands of followers from hungry Musk followers looking to get in on the project. Some believe this could be the second coming of Bitcoin, one Twitter user stated “I have already liquidated my assets while I wait for the NADA launch on June 1st.” he said, “I am dumping my life savings into this project while I await the price to soar I have already designed a NADA wrap for the Lamborghini I will be purchasing with my new found wealth, the US dollar is dead after this.” he added.