chicago Police Force Protects Trump Tower

CHICAGO – Over the course of the last few days the entire Chicago police force protected the Trump Tower, while small businesses throughout Chicago were looted and destroyed.  The damage to small businesses is still being assessed, but estimates indicate the economic impact is significant.  However on the bright-side, the iconic Trump Tower in downtown Chicago was spared of all damage.

Lindsay Hook, local retail owner in Wicker Park cried, “my entire livelihood was destroyed on Saturday.  With the impact of COVID-19 and the riots, I have nothing left. ”

Small business owners across Chicago feel the same way as Lindsay Hook.  Many have expressed their outrage at Lori Lightfoot and the entire Chicago Police Department.

“Isn’t the point of paying these exorbitant property taxes so I have police protection,” David Samson, bar owner in Logan Square stated.  “If I knew the police were just going to protect the Trump Tower I wouldn’t have paid these crazy taxes all of these years.”

However, reports across Chicago indicate the call to protect the Trump Tower didn’t come from leaders in Chicago, but rather a higher up in the Federal office.

David Brown, Superintendent of the Chicago police stated, “we got a call from a Federal official telling us to protect the Trump Tower will all resources necessary.  If there was even a scratch on the shiny tower we would all lose our jobs.”

While the entire Chicago police force guards the Trump Tower, small businesses continue to get ransacked – and it doesn’t look like that will slow down anytime soon.

“I just joined the looters,” a former small business owner said.  “My business is completely destroyed due to lack of police protection.  If you can’t beat them join them.”

Chicago’s River Walk, where the Trump Tower is located, is currently barred from access to the public.  “We still have our entire police force there,” David Brown said.  “No one will put their hand on the Trump Tower if it’s the last thing I do.”